Old 55 Distillery is a true family business. Every part of our spirit is permeated with lessons passed down to us from our grandfathers. Family, hard work, and the appreciation of something truly hand made embody the essence of what we create. The Old 55 cartouche itself builds upon these principles. The white regal stallion known as Thumos holding sway over the dark horse.

At Old 55 Distillery, we decided to name our spirits after the road you would find us on. Old 55 isn’t the fastest route and sure isn’t the straightest. However, you won’t find a road that better captures the Midwest, the fields we harvest our spirits from, and the hardworking people that travel her daily. So sit back and enjoy our hard work, great company, and a superior spirit because Old 55 will take you there.

Our Process

  • Field to Bottle

    When we set out to craft a true midwestern whiskey we took every step into consideration. We are one of the few true field to bottle distilleries in the world. Every bit of the grain we use is sourced from local fields or the family farm. Step out the front door, gaze down Old 55, and you are surrounded by the very fields where your spirit is born.

  • First of its Kind

    Our custom built potstill was designed and handmade in Germany by Kothe Destillationstechnik. Its elongated whiskey helmet and triple distillation towers allow us the flexibility to create a truly masterful spirit.

  • Hand Crafted

    Harvested, stored, milled, mashed, distilled, or bottled; we are completely accountable for every single part of the process. We refuse to bring you a product that isn?t 100% Old 55 Distilled and truly hand crafted in Newtown, Indiana.

Our Whiskey

Corn Whiskey

Our take on a virgin spirit. Made from the same mash-tun as our single barrel bourbon and uncomplicated by the barrel. Sweet and innocent like your first love. Made from only the "heart cut". No "heads" or "tails" here. Small Batch. Heart Cut. 40% alcohol by volume.

Single Barrel Bourbon

Indiana bourbon made from Hoosier corn and wheat. Distilled and aged in new American oak charred barrels and stored in Newtown 'til perfected. Small Batch. Single Barrel. Heart Cut. 40% alcohol by volume.

100% Sweet Corn Bourbon

A completely new take on bourbon. True 100% sweet corn off the cob. Grown on the family farm, harvested, and distilled by us to make something truly unique. Small Batch. Heart Cut. 40% alcohol by volume.

Old 55 Tasting Room

Tasting Room Hours

Friday & Saturday: 12 noon to 8pm
Sunday: 12 noon to 6pm

Must be 21 and over to enter.
  • Tours, Tasting, & Cocktails

    Let our whiskeys introduce themselves to you in the Old 55 Tasting Room. Stay awhile to enjoy a cocktail and tour our distillery.

  • Bottles & Booking

    Our Tasting Room is available for private, intimate events. For booking details, please contact info@old55distillery.com.

    Bottles are available for purchase.

Contact Us

Contact Us
311 East Washington St.
Newtown, IN 47969

info@old55distillery.com facebook